BMCC Project - BioMolecular Communication and Control
A Project within the TBD Program of the PRIMUS Center
TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics

BMCC = BioMolecular Communication and Control. (formerly referred to as Immuno Cyto Molecular Computation and Communication (ICMC).

Research is focused upon two principle but closely-coupled areas:

[a] VESID (Viral Entry Structural Integrity Disruption) – design of prophylactic and therapeutic medications for interruption and prevention of host cell entry processes via specific targeting of viral envelope topological structures. VESID is based upon topological models of cellular and viral signaling and recognition which contribute to the mechanics of infection, inflammation and immune response.

Related background information: (“VESID”)

[b] Topological order and efficiency, conformal geometries, and biosoliton dynamics within autoimmune disorders, with special attention to multiple sclerosis and dementia progressive pathology. The medical domain of special study is that is Neuronal Electrochemical Stressors disrupting biosolitonic molecular signaling and leading to accelerative demyelination and microtubule brittleness and fragmentation and the foundational stages of MS, AD and other ND disorders. This is also referrred to as ANCES (Autonomic Neurophysiological Control and Electrochemical Stress).

Within the ANCES focal project area is the current work constituting NpC ("Neuroplex, Neuroplex-C") - this pertains specifically to neural electrochemical stressor agents and effects in neural and muscular systems, resulting in a variety of disorders and diseases ranging from acute inflammation to autoimmune reactions and to diseases such as dysautonomia, cardiac arrhythmia, and other disharmonic conditions. We are investigating wave patterns and dynamics that can lead to improved and new diagnostics and therapeutics for a number of correlated disorders and diseases.

There are extensive sets of papers, presentations, bilbiographies and other materials, avialable upon request.

About VESID:
This is best described at present by visiting the VESID Antiviral Pages at the site of Intelligence Renaissance Industries. Our efforts are all directed now into developing a topologically-based model and an antiviral drug based upon this model, for resistance and prevention of viral infectious diseases, in particular COVID-19.

The Project is at present a research investigation. It is best introduced through some papers, both published and unpublished. We are now revising this and other website pages of the Institute and request your patience - alternatively, your direct contact and inquiry will be welcome.

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